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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does a peggo card cost?
    • A peggo card can be purchased for $5. A minimum of $5 e-cash or any e-pass must be purchased with the card in order to validate your peggo card. For a limited time, after you register your peggo card and use your card for two separate trips on two different days the $5 you paid for the card will be refunded to your card as e-cash within 48 hours. Meaning for a limited time it costs you nothing to buy your peggo card! See our registering my peggo card page for details. After our launch period the $5 cost for a peggo card will not be refunded.
    • A $5 replacement fee will be charged for all lost, stolen, or damaged peggo cards

  • Can I use the fares I load online or by phone right away?
    • When our buses leave the garage in the morning they are no longer in wireless contact with our servers. Fare transactions that take place on a bus throughout the day are stored and transferred to our central server at the end of the day when they come off the road. This means fares loaded online or by phone are not available for use right away. It can take up to 48 hours before these fares are active on your card.
    • Important Note If you need to load fares and use your peggo card right away, visit one of our retail sales agents or customer service centres. Fares loaded in person at one of our retail sales agents or customer service centres are active on your card right away.

  • When do Rolling passes start?
    • A rolling e-pass is activated the when you tap your peggo card against the Smart Card reader on a farebox inside a Transit bus. For example, if you purchase a 7-day e-pass on a Monday, but don’t ride the bus until Thursday, your 7-day validity period will begin on Thursday and will be valid until the end of service on the following Wednesday.

  • How do transfers work with the peggo card?
    • When you pay your fare with cash the operator will print a paper transfer if you request one. This paper transfer is then scanned by the farebox on the connecting bus. Transfers are valid for 75-minutes from the time they are printed. This process will continue to work the same as it did before the introduction of the peggo card.
    • When you pay your fare with the e-cash on your peggo card, the date and time that you pay your fare is electronically encoded on your peggo card. A 75-minute transfer is automatically encoded so when you board your connecting bus, your peggo card knows whether you are entitled to a transfer or are required to pay an additional fare. Of course, you don’t need a transfer if you paid your original fare with a valid e-pass.
    • One of the great features of your peggo card is that you can see your remaining account balance right after you pay your fare.
      • If you use an e-pass to pay your fare, the farebox display will show you the date on which your e-pass expires, and
      • If you use e-cash, the farebox display will show you your remaining e-cash balance.

  • When a peggo card is lost, is the remaining balance lost as well?
    • Not necessarily. To protect the e-cash or e-passes you have loaded on your peggo card, we recommend you register your card. If you had fares on your registered peggo card at the time you reported it lost you can transfer the remaining fares to your new card. Note that only fares from the time you reported your card lost will be transferred. Any fares used before the card is reported lost or stolen cannot be replaced. See our Reporting a Lost or Stolen card section for details.

  • Why are there two different coloured cards?
    • Winnipeg Transit has two peggo cards for passengers. Our green card is for all passengers paying a reduced fare, such as Youth and Seniors. Our white card is for all full fare paying passengers. The different colours help our operators identify a card of a different fare category and the colours and corresponding letter codes will help you make sure you have the correct card. Any passenger using a green card MUST register their card to continue to receive reduced transit fares.
    • Passengers using a green peggo card are required to present identification to verify that they are eligible to be using a reduced fare card.

  • How long will my peggo card last?
    • How long a peggo card lasts depends on how well it is taken care of. Washing, bending or cutting the card or ticket will damage the internal chip, making them inoperable. Once inoperable, a new card would need to be purchased.

  • What happens if my peggo card no longer works?
    • If there is no physical damage to the peggo card, then bring it to the Winnipeg Transit Administrative office. If an evaluation of the card indicates the card has a faulty chip, then the peggo card will be replaced at no charge. Otherwise, a new card can be purchased online or at a Retail sales outlets

  • Can I load more than one rolling pass on my card and choose the order they are used in?
    • Rolling passes loaded on your card are used in the order they are loaded. So, for example, if you load a 3-day e-pass, a 5-day e-pass, and then a 7-day e-pass the 3-day pass will be active first, followed by the 5-day and then the 7-day pass.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Where do I go to transfer value from a lost card to a new card?

If you have reported your peggo card as lost or stolen you can go and purchase a new card at any point. If you need to travel right away you can add fares and go. If you had any outstanding fares on your lost card those can be transferred to a new card. Please note that we need one business day from the time you reported your card lost before you can bring your new card to one of our customer service centres to transfer the remaining balance.