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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit


A humorous look at public transit!

Mounds of bags in the aisle, the symphony of heavy metal music, passengers not moving to the back of the bus and the gentle aroma of food and beverages – these are the reasons for Busology.

Busology provides a good natured, humorous look at common situations that can make our public transit system unpleasant for travelers.
It’s hard to establish enforceable rules for many of these situations, because most really come down to a matter of common courtesy.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the Busology and that it results in a more pleasant ride for you and all passengers.


Why do some people prefer the sardine treatment at the front of the bus when there’s room in the back? When it’s crowded, beat the crush – step to the back and relax.

Prioritus Seatus

Priority seats are for people who have a hard time standing on a moving bus – but unfortunately some people have trouble recognizing that.

Backus Packus Smackus

When walking down the aisle try not to smack us. Please be careful with your backpacks and other belongings.

Pollutus Transportus

Buses don’t have snack bars because they’re not restaurants. Imagine if Transit’s 135,000 daily passengers each left litter and spills behind.

Roller Bladeus

Buses often have to stop quickly! For your own safety, please remove roller blades before boarding the bus or take a seat near the front.

Graffiti Muchos Costus

Transit spends thousands of dollars every year cleaning graffiti. It’s not pretty and it costs all of us a lot of money. Please don’t sign the bus.

Loudus Obnoxious

Double, double, toil and trouble. Music blares and tempers bubble. Enjoy your music…quietly please.

Aislus Cloggus

Some people make an obstacle course out of the aisle with strollers, and packages. Please keep your belongings out of the way of other passengers.

Cheapus Skatus

Qualifying high school students, post secondary students, children and seniors pay reduced fares for some very good reasons. If you’re not eligible, please pay your fair share.


Qualifying high school students and post secondary students pay reduced fares with a valid school Student Photo ID. Sorry, other IDs and notes from teachers don’t count.

Exitus Wrongus

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when by the front door we leave. If possible, please exit by the rear door.

Blasphemous Vociferus

Why must some people use profanity? Please exercise self-control while sharing the bus. Public transit is just that, public.

Odourous Unbearableous

Everyone likes to stop and smell the flowers. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive or allergic to them, as well as strong perfumes and colognes. Please be considerate of others when using transit.