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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Public Transit By-Law and Code of Conduct

Winnipeg Transit has rolled out out a new Code of Conduct. The Transit Code of Conduct was created to provide the public with information about appropriate behaviour and conduct while using Transit services.

A public awareness campaign has been launched to educate users about the new Code of Conduct. You’ll see the decals and signs shown below. The signs will outline the Transit Code of Conduct and the decals will remind passengers of the consequences of threatening or assaulting Transit operators.

code of conduct-threat decal

code of conduct-interior

The goal of the Code of Conduct is to improve safety for transit employees and customers while using public transit in Winnipeg. See below for the complete Code of Conduct and the Public Transit By-Law.

Code of Conduct

  • Threats or assaults will not be tolerated;
  • Riders must pay applicable fare and comply with all fare terms and conditions:
  • Do not cross the safety line near the front of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion;
  • No smoking, littering, spitting, vandalism, or graffiti;
  • No consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or inhalation of solvents;
  • Do not disturb, annoy or interfere with any other person, includes loud, foul, insulting, abusive or inappropriate language;
  • Do not place feet on bus seat, spill food or beverages or create any unsanitary condition;
  • No soliciting, selling or distribution of merchandise or printed materials;
  • Do not impede the movement of passengers or employees;
  • Any item which may cause an obstruction or unsafe condition is not permitted;
  • No unlawful carrying of firearms or restricted weapons, explosive, flammable, or toxic material;
  • Do not extend any body part or object through bus window or door;
  • Service animals are allowed, all other animals must be in a closed carrier.

This Code of Conduct is made pursuant to Public Transit By-Law 89/2014 and the Rules made thereunder. Any person who fails to comply with Public Transit By-Law 89/2014 may be found guilty of an offence, and upon conviction may be subject to a fine and/or may be restricted from using the service in the future.

Transit By-Law

Transit By-Law No. 89/2014 was created in 2014 to regulate the conduct and activities of Transit users in order to promote the safety and well-being of employees and passengers on the Transit system.

The complete Transit By-Law is available at Transit By-Law No. 89/2014