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City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Transit

Driver and Vehicle Identification


All Winnipeg Transit Plus drivers are required to wear a high visibility vest as well as their photo identification tag while providing service. The vest and the ID tag help identify our drivers and should always be visible.

If a driver is not wearing a vest or cannot produce an identification tag, please call the Winnipeg Transit Plus Contact Centre.


Winnipeg Transit Plus vehicles can be identified by a decal affixed to each side and rear of the vehicle. Winnipeg Transit Plus utilizes three types of vehicles to meet the needs of our registrants; cars, lift vans and mini-buses.

All vehicles have been installed with mounts to store our mobile data terminals (MDT’s). MDT’S allow the contact centre and drivers delivering service to communicate with each other in real time on the street. These mounts are made of aluminum alloy and designed to be durable enough to withstand daily use by our drivers. Due to the variety of vehicles within the fleet, the installation of these mounts varies depend on type of vehicle.

HT Mount-1abus HT Mount-1bprius

HT-Bus HT Mount- Pro1b